Group Sound Meditation

Updates for 2022 !!


Thank you so much for all of your support through the last 5 years of sound baths in Thousand Oaks.

Sound Bath Dates for October in Thousand Oaks, CA

New Moon Sound Bath

11/30/22 Time : 7 pm to 8 pm

Private Residence in Thousand Oaks, CA

$40 Pre Pay Venmo Serina__


1. All sound bath prices will be $40 per person, this reflects the time and energy I put into our group sessions. 


To find out when our next Group in Person Sound Bath is follow me on Social Media Facebook here or Instagram here or sign up for my email list

2. I will no longer be allowing anyone to switch the dates for sound baths.

3. All Private group Sound and Reiki Sessions will be discussed with me before booking and a non refundable deposit will be put down to book the date. email me here

4. All my Sound Events are Private events and are drug and alcohol free. Also 18 and over please. For children sessions please email me for a one on one, as they need a different level of sound. Also for pets or space clearing contact me directly

5. Also if you have a pace maker, severe heart condition or a history of seizures, my sound baths are not recommend. If you have a serious mental illness, please contact your primary Dr to get a clearing before attending.

6. Before attending any of my in person Group Sound Baths you will need to download this release form , fill it out and then email it back to me the day before the event. I will have one for Reiki Sessions and One on One Sound Massage soon.

7. I do not require anyone to wear a mask to the events as it restricts your breathing. Unless you want to then you may. And I do not require any Vax card to attend. Thank you

All levels of meditation are welcome. It doesn’t matter if you have never meditated before or have been practicing for years. Sound meditation is one of the easiest ways to take you on a journey for a deep relaxation and detoxification. We will starting with a short voice guided meditation calling in Archangels , Your Ancestors and guides to help heal any wounds you might have emotional, physical, mental or spiritual. These wounds could be from past or present. After the voice guided meditation we then begin the sound bath. Each sound bath lasts for about an hour. I look forward to our journey together.


Download PDF

Release Form

To attend my monthly Sound bath

You will need to download fill out and then email me this release form.