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Pink Full Super-Moon Intention Crystal Candles

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

The Full Pink Super Moon is on Monday April 26, but the energy lasts 3 days before and 3 days after the full moon. So I am going to make our special candles on the eve of our Pink Super-Moon . I will be listing them in my crystal Etsy shop on Sunday 4/25/21

Video below one of my limited edition Pink Full Super Moon Crystal Candles. I only have 4 special hand made soy crystal intention candles in this batch.

Click here to view them on my Etsy Shop and to purchase directly

Here are some tips to do during the Full Moon 1. Cleanse your mental and physical space. This is a good time to release anything that no longer is serving you. By cleaning out your home, lighting incense, taking a spiritual bath and listening to some binary beat sounds . Sound cleanses your mind. 2. Change your crystals grid and some people like to re tune them during full moon. To do this set them in-front of speaker or bring them to a sound bath to re-tune. Most crystals don’t need this as they have their own vibration but if you like you can. Some also like to set them under the full moon to capture its energy. 3. Take time to yourself to reflect on what no longer serves you and to write it down burn it and let it all go. 4. Dance to release energy . Put on your fave music and dance away anything that no longer serves you. 5. This is a good time to just be . Don’t start anything new . Just relax and reset. #soundbaths #fullpinkmoon #fullmooncrystalcandles #fullmooncandles #fullmoonrituals #reikihealing #etsycandles #etsycrystalcandles #crystalcandles

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