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Lunar Eclipse Full Moon Angel Candle Ritual

Updated: Jan 30, 2019


On this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse I have decided to practice and share a Candle Ritual / Meditation / Prayer to help the healing of everyone on the planet including animals, nature, and the universe.


I am calling on Archangel Raphael to help. Below is a candle ritual to help connect us closer to this Archangel. Please feel free to use it to help connect and call upon him to help heal yourself, loved ones, animals or our planet. We must ask the angels to help us .. and they will.


Angels love all of us no matter what religious or spiritual beliefs we have.

Archangel Raphael is the archangel who is called upon to support in healing, and to guide in all matters involving health. Archangel Raphael uses a variety of healing methods, including direct intervention, where he miraculously and instantly heals ailments; and guidance, where he directs the person toward the best avenues to health.


Below are the supplies needed for the Candle Ritual, Meditation/ Prayer to help connect to Archangel Raphael. You do not have to be exact or use these exact ingredients this is just a guide. You simply can sit in meditation or prayer and speak to him asking for help/guidance.


Here is a list you will need to join me in this Candle Ritual

  • Piece of paper

  • A quite a clean place to meditate for 15 to 30 mins

  • White Candles, Gold Candles, Silver Candles you can also use just Green Candles

  • Crystals he connects with are Malachite, Citrine, Aventurine and Yello Calcite.

  • A Glass Plate White flowers or Green Leafs

  • Angelic Healing oil by Ethereal Sound (coming soon) or Lavender Oil and Lemon Oil

  • Soft meditation music by Ethereal Sound or your favorite spiritual meditation music

  • A bathtub with Ethereal Sound Epsom Salts (coming soon) or Epsom salts of your choice

  • Candles for your bath, they can be any of your choice, I enjoy white or yellow

  • Dragons Blood Incense

  • Florida Water or Holy Water

  • A clear Glass Your intention to ask Archangel Raphael


Directions for the Candle Ritual

  • Turn on your Meditation Spiritual Music

  • Light the incense Get all of your supplies ready and set them in a clean quite space for your practice.

  • Now it is time for you to connect to light source energy, God and the Angels. Prepare a warm bath with the Epsom Salts, Meditation Music, Candles and any crystals you would like. You can also add in rose petals or flowers and herbs. Soak in the bath for 10 to 20 mins washing away all the stressful energy of the day.

  • After your bath put on clean comfortable clothing.

  • Now sit in your clean quite space and meditate using light source energy (see my blog here for the white light waterfall meditation) This will help you connect you to Angels, God , Goddess Energy or Universal Life-force Reiki Energy.

  • Pour the Florida water or Holy Water in glass. You may also sit with the water and bless over it

  • Next write you request on the piece of paper to Archangel Raphael, this is your intention and its personal to you. You also say your request aloud to him and to God or the Universe. Sign the paper with your name and date it. Please use pen to do this.

  • Now dress the candle with the oils using them from top to bottom in a motion toward you. You also may write the persons name on the candle for healing.

  • Place the oils on the piece of paper in four corners and fold it and place it on the plate Light the bottom of the candle and place it on the plate this will help it stick to the plate ( if you are using a 7 day candle you can just set it on the floor or table) Surround the candle with the flowers and herbs or if you would like you can make a huge Mandela of flowers around the candle and use several candles it is up to you.

  • When you light the candle light it with intention Site quietly and meditate with the candle lite, Calm your mind and visualize green light healing and calming. You may also visualize where you want to send this healing energy. Visualization is very helpful with healing.

  • Now once more in your mind ask kindly for the Angels to hear you and allow yourself to receive the love and healing from Archangel Raphael

  • Use an affirmative prayer, affirming that help is already given (for example, “Thank you for helping us”)

  • Let the candle burn down and throw it away at a cross roads or bury it


Human’s free will is the catalyst and the culprit within each health situation. God and the angels can’t interfere with our freewill choices. They must wait until we freely ask for help before they can intervene.


It’s not important how you ask for help, but only that you do ask for it.


Here are important points to remember when requesting Archangel Raphael’s assistance:

Ask for help, either aloud or silently. He can only help if you ask, because he won’t violate your free will.Pour your heart out to Raphael, explaining your feelings.Visualize emerald green healing light surrounding the health concern.Notice and follow any Divine guidance that comes to you in terms of intuitive directions as to which action steps to take. Keep asking for help until healing occurs.


When you ask for help, don’t tell the Angels / God how to go about it. That blocks or slows the answer to your prayers or meditation. Let the Angels lead the way with solutions that exceed human imagination and expectations.


When you ask Archangel Raphael for a healing, he immediately goes into action on your behalf. His treatment methods are custom-tailored to each person’s situation and needs. Sometimes he performs direct intervention; and the person will feel strong tingling sensations, followed by a complete and instant healing. Other times Raphael will guide the person to the appropriate healing professional.



Crystals linked to this healing archangel include:


Malachite, Citrine, Aventurine and Yellow Calcite


Raphael may be called upon, not only for healing, but safe travel (especially by air), new business ventures, purification, issues involving technology, written works, and buying or selling. He is particularly fond of children, so if you have a sick child, ask Raphael for healing help. He can also aide in memory improvement, exam-taking and learning a new language.


Malachite may be associated with Venus and the earth element, but because of its healing abilities, it has been linked to Raphael. This stunning, vibrant green gemstone has bands of deeper green, sometimes forming swirling patterns. As a healing stone, it is helpful in recharging the immune system, relieving migraines and strengthening the heart. Malachite can also be used to attract luck and money and is also an invaluable stone at home or work to shield us from harmful electromagnetic fields, such as those from electronics or telephone poles.


Citrine is a crystal of Mercury and the air element. In healing practices, it can be used for allergies, skin problems and digestive issues. This pale yellow crystal can also be used during meditation and visualization, making your thoughts and dreams become reality. Citrine can be a powerful prosperity crystal as well.


Aventurine is another green stone associated with Raphael because of its healing attributes. It heals the eyes and helps with anxiety as well as heart palpitations. Aventurine is also a prosperity stone, often referred to as “the gambler's stone” for it brings luck, especially in games of chance. It can aide in clairvoyance, psychic dreaming and seeing into the future. Aventurine is well-liked by nature spirits, so leaving a small tumbled stone outdoors, perhaps by a tree or tucked into a flower pot, may keep faeries from behaving too mischievously.


Yellow Calcite is another yellow crystal affiliated with archangel Raphael. This crystal is a gentle healer, often used for distance healing. It's also beneficial for painful joints, bones and muscles. It also releases stress, increases creativity and gives us a return back to that feeling known as “fun”. Yellow calcite is also called a wishing stone and may increase psychic awareness, prosperity and strength, be it spiritual or physical.

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