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Angelic Energy Healing

What is Angelic Energy Healing?

Angel healing is a form of energy healing, working with the divine archangels and other angels. Anyone can benefit from Angel energy therapy sessions. You may feel a sense of release, followed by feelings of peace, balance and happiness after a angelic healing session. The energy is channeled through the Angel healer and directed to the areas that are blocked or in need of healing depending on what you most need.

Illness or disease is derived in some form from blockages in the energy system (aura) and that these symptoms can be alleviated or completely removed through energy healing. Blocks like this get built up when we feel anger, fear, pain, resentment, or anything that is not in true alignment with who we are. We can release some blockages with Angelic Energy Healing, so we are back in the flow

feeling more energetic and more alive, more in tune with our higher self. The higher energy of the angels is cleansing, clearing, and recharging. Our bodies are amazing. When they are in tune and healthy, self-healing is possible.



How is Angelic Energy Healing different to Reiki?

Angelic energy healing is different in a number of ways to other forms of energy healing, for example Reiki. Angelic energy healing does not use symbols as with Reiki healing but the energy is still channeled to the frequency of higher source energy, which is also the energy of angels. Calling upon the angles for assistance. Also the client takes home a way to connect with the angels when they are alone. Other sensations may be noticed such as a feeling of peace, seeing colors or energy movement, feeling the presence of your angels and spirit guides or simply nothing at all depending on the sensitivity of the client and also what is right for the person to experience during the healing session.


Do I have to follow a certain Religion to receive Angelic Energy Healing?

Angelic Energy Healing is not based on any religion and the client does not have to follow any religious beliefs to attend a healing session. Even if the client does not believe in angels, the healing will work, but of course it does always help if the client is open to working with the angels.


How does energy healing work?

Healing cannot be forced upon a client. I act as a channel to light source energy and angels and it is up to the clients energy system and body to accept the energies and allow healing to take place. This is done on a subconscious level. It does aid the healing process if a person consciously decides that they are open to healing however. It is not a question of will power, it is more so on an emotional level through the emotion of love.


What is Energy?

Energy is the flow of life; some call it Chi and others call it Prana. We all have an energy body around our physical body. You might have heard of it described as an Aura, or you might have had the hairs (on the arm or neck) stand up because of a sensation outside of your physical body. The Energy body consists of Chakras, or places where the energy gets exchanged. Fresh energy comes in and old energy gets released in chakras. Sometimes the old energy can block a chakra so it can’t take in enough fresh energy. This is something Angelic Healing can cleanse and clear, in order to get a person’s energy level up again.



About the Angels

Angels are loving beings of light sent from God to assist us. They also have other functions such as looking after nature, the elements, countries and the planets among others. There are different groups of angels with various functions. We have come across angels throughout the ages in literature, including the Bible, paintings, the arts and so forth. Some types of angels include Guardian Angels, Archangels, Seraphim and Cherubim.

The angels are always with us and waiting to assist in our lives if requested. They cannot intervene without being asked by us to help. As humans we all have free will and this might mean for some people that they choose not to work with the angels. In my experience, there are no downfalls to asking the angels for help and only untold benefits. It is wise to ask the angels to always be with us and to aid us in all areas of our lives. When we open up to the angels we can begin to see wonderful synchronicity in our lives and to become in tune with the universe and ultimately to find and understand our purpose here on earth.

Once you have asked for assistance, trust that help is on its way. This may not always come in the form that you were expecting but it will always be the right thing for you at that point in time.

It can sometimes be difficult trusting in the angels at first, and if this is something that you are struggling with you can also ask the angels to help you to trust in them. And always remember to thank the angels once you have asked for assistance.


Some of the Angeles I work with

Archangel Michael

The Great Protector, the mighty Archangel Michael is associated with the color blue, like a royal blue and helps us with releasing, letting go, cutting cords, and freeing us from lower energy.

Archangel Raphael

The Great Healer, Archangel Raphael is associated with the color green (emerald green). He helps us with healing, relaxing, and restoring.

Archangel Gabriel

He/she is associated with the color copper. She helps us with speech, and all creativity. I usually ask Archangel Gabriel to help me stand in my truth and speak in a loving way. I also ask her to help me deliver the messages from the Angels to my clients, in the best way for them.


What can Angelic Energy Healing treat?

Angelic Energy Healing can help with whatever you happen to be struggling with. It helps us release lower emotions or unhealthy thought patterns, and can also help on a body level, getting things back into the flow. Angelic Healing is clearing, cleansing, releasing, invigorating, refreshing, and healing on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.


Benefits of Angelic Energy Healing in your Life

1. Angelic Energy Healing may help you connection to higher source energy

2. Angelic Energy Healing may help you feel healthier.

3. Angelic Energy Healing may help you regain focus

4. Angelic Energy healing may help you release karmic debts

5. Angelic Energy Healing may help you magnetize abundance

6. Angelic Energy Healing may help you release stress

7. Angelic Energy Healing may help you with creativity

8. Angelic Energy Healing may help you feel more at peace

9. Angelic Energy Healing may help you get in touch with your spiritual side


What happens during and after the session?

Clients are fully clothed and laying or sitting in a comfortable position. The client is asked to remove their shoes and make themselves comfortable. I then ask and answer any questions. I then open myself up and call in angelic higher light source energy. The energy can ascend and send their energy through me to help you and all dimensions and incarnations. As you relax you may feel or receive information in the form of colors , memories, visuals, nothing at all or you may fall sleep. Once the session is complete I will close myself down as the channel and bring you back to the room with a glass of water and we can discuss any information received or what you experienced. I also ask clients to bring a journal with them so they may write things down afterward. Soft lighting and music is playing and we go through a guided meditation and call upon the angels.

The session usually lasts an hour or hour and a half. After I can pull an angelic meditation card for you it does not predict the future it only simply gives you insight in what you need to know now in your present life for your highest good. You will also be sent home with a crystal and meditation guide.

Usually clients are refreshed and feel much lighter and liberated right after the session.I always tell my clients to drink water to help the healing and releasing. Eat only organic foods and no alcohol or drugs. I also tell them that they might feel more tired, or might need a nap, or to make time for a rest. Healing needs energy and that is the reason you might feel more tired after a session. Just be aware that this tiredness or exhaustion is part of healing and releasing. Please listen to your body, and follow your own guidance. Don’t overdo right away. Follow the guidance you received during the session, and be open for new impulses.


A brief ritual to help you connect with Angels

Light a white candle.

Sit quietly or lay down with your palms facing upwards.

Take a few deep breaths and relax.

Close your eyes and call upon your guardian angel to be present and to connect with you now.

Ask your angel to allow you to feel their presence.

You may feel a tingling sensation on your hands or face, or you may feel an overwhelming sensation of peace or emotion. Some people also see flashes or points of light.

Sit with the energies for as long as you feel is appropriate.

When you are finished, thank the angles for their assistance.

Other signs in daily life to indicate that your angels are around can include finding a white feather or a flower fragrance in the air that sometimes only you will smell. Angels may also try to communicate with you through the words of a song you might hear, seeming coincidences that occur, through words in a book or even an advert that might jump out and resonate with you or through number sequences.

As you start to work with the angels you will become more accustomed to noticing and reading these messages.


Want to work with me? I also offer distant healing sessions.

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