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Epsom Salts includes a

FREE Sound Meditation MP3

Ethereal Sound's Epsom Salts is a great way have your own relaxing spa day at home.

Relax and listen to the FREE 20 minute MP3 Sound Meditation by Serina Wolf while you soak in your detox warm bath. Serina hand makes each batch of these magical relaxing Epson Salts with high quality essential oils. Each bag is then infuses with Reiki and Angelic Light Source Energy and then emerged with vibrations from her sound bowls and gong.


To personalize your bath add a few of your favorite crystals, flowers, and candles like the image below. (image by pulp girls )

One bag contains 4 cups (which is enough for 2 baths ) and a link to a Free download Sound Meditation track ( you will receive this inside of your pay pal email receipt after purchase). Release date for MP3 is 1/11/2019

Ingredients : Epsom Salts, Baking Soda non GMO heavy metal free, high quality blend of rose essential oil, Reiki and Angelic Energy and love. 

Price $17.00 USD

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Please note if you are Diabetic please consult your Dr before taking Epsom Salt Baths.

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