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Serina Founder and CEO of Ethereal Sound


Certified Sound Meditation Practitioner,  Reiki Master Teacher, Energy Worker and Online Etsy Crystal Adoption Center

​Serina lives in Southern California where she went back to school to study western medicine and quickly realized that allopathic medicine was not her path and changed her studies to clinical nutrition and holistic healthcare . Facing her own health challenges and unable to find the answers in conventional allopathic medical treatment, Serina visited a naturopath and clinical nutritionist plus various other healers. She was quickly helped with her health through clinical nutrition, detox, sound meditation, reiki, crystals, and herbal therapy. Her recovery was so remarkable that she was compelled to study holistic healing, clinical nutrition and various other natural methods to help those with health challenges to regain their peace, well-being, harmony, health and vitality.

Serina, having a background in classical piano and dance. She attended weekly classical piano lessons private and college level for aprox 8 years as a young child and teen. She has Certificate of Merits for the Study of Classical Piano with the Music Teachers Association of California.


She herself found sound meditation through her own healing journey and with her passion for helping others, dedicated her life to learning various ancient sound instruments and Reiki Energy Healing. She studied with several different local and non-local sound healers and is a Certified Sound Practitioner through International Academy of Sound Healing. Also a Certified Usui Reiki Master Teacher and Certified Distant Usui Reiki Healer by Natural Healer . Deeply connecting with sacred sound instruments, divine energy source and crystals, she brings a heart based loving intention to her practice.

Serina also has a  crystal retail shop named Sirens Crystals to purchase various healing crystals. Her passion is helping others create their own unique roadmap to their perfect health.

​All religious and spiritual beliefs are welcomed. She respect all religions and forms of spirituality. And even those who are not sure or who are non believers are welcome. She considers spiritual and of this world we live in. She often refers to this quote. "

"You are your own healer,  I am just here to facilitate sounds, Reiki energy and tools to empower you to heal yourself."

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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